There is a *must read* interview with Frank Schilling over at SEOBook (If you are wondering why the hell you should care, Frank’s domain portfolio rakes in $20 million a year.) This guy knows domain names and he puts his money where his mouth is. This quote stuck out to me — “if you build the world’s biggest ceiling fan company at and then you want to acquire .. it is going to get much more expensive as time goes by. Names like those are going to be worth millions one day, so the time to acquire them is when they seem cheapest and unimportant to you.

Even if you don’t share the same .com optimism you may want to consider holding on to those names that get type-ins. $4,000 today might be a fraction of what you can get 10 years from now.

Frank is posts a lot on his blog. Here is another good quote from today — “In 5 -10 years the largest commercial registrants (domain-name based media companies) will probably be the retail registrars themselves. Like a casino in charge of the count room, the house always wins.” Why? To grab dropped domain names.

Consider this: Registerfly sucked for years. Their user interface was buggy. Domain names users renewed didn’t review. Their customer service was all but useless in the 12 months proceeding their execution by ICANN. Registerfly was a reseller for eNom. eNom was purchased by Demand Media. One of the domains I lost in the Registerfly mess is currently sitting on a parked PPC page with registrant data resolving to eNom. That was a single domain. Now imagine this on a very large scale.

So what do you need to know? Good domain names will probably be worth more than you think and sometimes it is in your domain registrar’s best interest for you domain renewals to fail.

Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “What you don’t know about Domain Names can hurt you

  1. Thanks for the link. Indeed this was a must-read interview. I’m embarrased to say I did not hear of Frank Schilling before. Added his feed to my Google Reader. Andrew – keep it up. You’ve got a killer blog

  2. See this is where there need to be some rules from ICANN about domain registrars not being able to hold domains for any besides selling them at market price. Allowing them to act as a domainer and sell the domains at an inflated price and using PPC for money off the traffic really would be unfair with their positions as registrars.

  3. Google search really rates sites highly if the domain name matches the search so have the website name of is great if your customenrs are wanting to buy ceiling fans.
    fanhub can have loads more links but the name is against it.
    Unless the google algorithm changes and the domain name is ignored or treated with much less importance – just a thought

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  5. Thanks for the info – don’t forget to post about the Australian domain name industry – it’s really starting to take off… Thanks again

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