..you don’t know how much money you will make.

Google changes their algorithm for search, Google changes their PPC algorithm (and then lies to everyone), Yahoo changes their whole Search Marketing system.

If you can’t make an accurate forcast for either your search rankings or pay-per-click rankings.. how do you know what next year will look like, let alone tommorow?

You just never know how much money you are going to make.. and worse, what you are going to do with it when an update nukes your competition and sends you to the top!

3 thoughts on “The thing I really hate about this business..

  1. This is somewhat why I advocate both diversity, and more specific to the SEO world, fundamentals.

    Rather than second guessing search engines on minute algorithm tweaks, you should instead focus on publishing good content (and a whole lot of it), and building quality links. While of course doing the common sense on-page optimizations.

  2. All too true Andrew. These are the incalculable risks all businesses take, and it’s the ones who are quick to adapt that remain on top.

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