So the latest fad in the world of self help is this movie called The Secret and book called The Law of Attraction. A big US talkshow host, Oprah, has jumped on board and the thing has really taken off.

People seem to have one of two reactions to The Secret. Reaction one: “This is BS.” Reaction two: “This just cleared up everything for me, I feel a new beginning in my life.”

I’m watching this on Google Video, and man, what a load of garbage. They keep flashing back and forth between experts.. hm, who is this guy, Dr. Joe Vitale MSC.D… Metaphysician? I know I’ve only been out of college for one year, but what the heck is a metaphysician, or an MSC.D for that matter? This guy has a Doctorate in Metaphysical studies?

If your crackpot alarm hasn’t gone off yet, I have a tin foil hat for you to wear.

“Thank God theres a time delay — that all of your thoughts don’t come true instantly. You’d be in trouble if they did. The time delay serves you, it allows you to reassess, and make a new choice.” Does this even deserve a response?

The movie talks about feeling good and happy thoughts. At the same time, the video infers that by being positive bad things won’t happen to you, bad things like getting a parking ticket, having your bike stolen, or getting a snag on your nylon pantyhose (I hope this is not an issue for any of my male readers.)

The Secret is supposedly made up of 3 steps — “Ask, Believe, Receive.”

Are you F#$@ing kidding me? How about a dose of reality for a change.

If you want something, you, and you alone must work for it. Blood, sweat, and tears. Or for webmasters, bloodshot eyes, an extra 20 pounds, and carpel tunnel. Your mind is step one — and positive feelings have nothing to do with it — its about will. Its nothing but will power and a little bit of chance that gets a marine through Navy Seals BUDS training. Happy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thoughts aren’t going to help you here anymore than they will help you win the state lottery.

Self help is a cookie-butter business. Its all about making customers feel good. Thus the positive reaction by many of the “un-initiated” to “The Secret.” Pump the audience up first and then sell them. The Secret is nothing more than a carefully crafted execution in marketing.

You want to know what the real secret is? The real secret is hard work. Its hard work that gets you into the position where you can leverage large amounts capital and other human labor to your own profit. Its hard work that keeps a family together and puts children on the right track. Its hard work that landed men on the moon. If you think its anything other than hard work that will get you through life, Joel Comm has an ebook to sell you.

Achievement comes at a price. If you want to float through life, happy thoughts and avoiding the supidest mistakes will probably get you there. Spend your time telling your friends what you are going to do with all that money when you win the lottery. Me, well, I’ll be keeping things interesting.

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  1. MSc stands for a Masters Degree in Science, which he must have got before he completed his ph.D, which is what made him a doctor, and added the .D to the MSc.

    However I agree, it does seem like another scam to trick people out of money, with the promise of helping them make more.

  2. Stop telling people about “the secret”! Life, apparently, is a zero-sum game, and I don’t want anyone else to figure this thing out. Let the drunk driver hit someone else. There is only so much “secret” juice to go around!

  3. Logical, determined, common sense, hard/smart work, even delegating duties, responsibilities are all things that will point you in the right direction and give you (me) the best chance of success.

    These back and forth arguments are said. I see people fighting to not want to be sucked in. They call this hocus pocus (I agree :-)), but I think sometimes they really want to believe, just like religion, god, devils, angels, prayer, holy ghost (ghost, that should be a clue of a sham right there).

    SO DON’T BE A SUCKER AND BUY THIS CHIT, THEIR CHIT, HYOU ONLY WILL BE DEPRESSED IN THE END. Try what I put forth and see if work…. pssst, I’m not going to charge you either.

    I’ve successfully ran my own business, sold it for a profit, graduated at the top of my class, married for over a decade (never cheated) and all thanks to common sense, logical thinking, and NOT BEING SUCKED IN… to scams, drinking, drugs, etc.

    Now, be your best counsel and use common sense hence forth!

  4. I am a very spiritual and philosophical person with a long enough life experience to be able to distinguish between a fact and a lie, and between wisdom and stupidity.

    “The Secret” and its alike theories are nothing but a hype and scam.

    I am currently studying law, and I learn to think logically and reasonably.

    The theory of “the Secret” is non-sensical, unreasonable, absurd, illogical, dilusional and down right silly on par with blind faith.

    I have less than a week left to my Law exam. Do you really think that I will pass it by sitting here and having attractive thoughts of passing it? Not in your wildest dreams.

    You can spend as much time as you want thinking and picturing yourself passing it, but the truth is, you never will.

    The problem with Secret theory is that it leads people to believe that success is almost all about “positive thoughts, positive thinking and positive will”. My life experience, let alone common sense, tells me that Nothing can be further from the truth.

    I will never pass my Law Exam by simply wishing it. It takes more than a mere wish.

    Of course it starts with “believing that I can pass it”. I need a strong belief, faith and conviction to even do anything about it.

    But more important than that is “actually working for it and making endless efforts”.

    The reality is very simple.

    If you want to achieve something, you have to earn it.

    You have to not only wish for it, but have to put in all the hard work and efforts to make it happen.

    In conclusion, achieving success is possible only by undying faith and endless effort.

    The Secret undermines the importance of “making efforts” by saying if you just think about it, it will happen naturally and automatically by the law of attraction.

    You don’t have to study Law like me to know that is pure stupidity.

  5. I’m really sorry you feel that way. I didn’t read the whole thing. Just droping by a word to say that I got everything I wanted, but feel sorry for who don’t believe cause it’s already happening.

  6. The Secret is merely a tool for living positively and expecting the best.
    Frankly, the negative comments on this blog are mostly from people who haven’t even seen the video – so how can they comment? Satanic? What rot!!! I’ve had this DVD for a week and I’m enjoying the changes already. 2 old friends got back in contact with me. I have focused on easier parking spaces and green lights and they have manifested. People who demand the best often get it. He who hesitates, is lost. Fear causes hestitancy and opportunities are lost. I like this tool for living and who does it harm??

  7. Call it what you will. Love it, hate it, or call it stupidity. Believe it, or don’t believe it. None of that changes the fact that I use it and it works. My children use it and it works. Not once, but many times over.

    Therefore it would be as impossible for you to convince me it is a scam, as it would be for me to convince those for whom it has never worked, that it is not a scam.

  8. As is evident in reading the comments the author said it perfectly: People seem to have one of two reactions to The Secret. Reaction one: “This is BS.” Reaction two: “This just cleared up everything for me, I feel a new beginning in my life.”

    I think this tells a lot more about people in general….

    Some people can see only problems while others look for solutions

    Some people want to complain while others are appreciative

    Some people want to focus on being a slave while others focus on freedom

    Half empty/ Half full – Life is perception

  9. I can definitely understand everyone’s point and there should be no debate on this. But I do have to clear some things up here. The secret is a film that talks about the law of attraction. Law of attraction is a process or a philosophy that basically states “you attract what you think”.There had been studies with this process and it is actually proven by quantum science. However this may work or my not work depending on the one who’s following it. Though the basis is simple there are principles to be followed for it to work best. You have to use positive thinking and great affirmations. You must also truly believe in it. Everyone is welcome to understand it further and master it but if are doubting it now then better not try because you will only waste your time. Again this is based on your thinking so doubts and negative thoughts must be checked first before you even try following this.

  10. I read some posts and feel like i have to share something with everyone. My life was going downhill, when i say downhill i mean up all night, drinking, partying and ruining my body… you can fill in the gaps.. anyways- the secret was given to me as a gift.. i took me 3 months before i even look at it, but then i was at a point pretty close to rock bottom so i decided to watch it and it couldn’t hurt. Basically what this did for me is encourage me to keep going and showed me that my current situation CAN change for the better. So i started doing some of the things they talk about.. setting goals.. putting in work, giving it time, thinking positively.. etc. Exactly 1 month after taking these steps, i got a call from a friend, he said he and his partner just opened a business and wanted me to run the sales and marketing department. Never would i have imagined being given this opportunity, but when it came to me i took it, put in work and positive energy along the way and BAMMM!! here i am 4 years later sitting in my office, working for MY company, i have a wonderful girlfriend that’s by my side, and although my life isn’t perfect.. i can definitely say its a lot better than where i was 4 years ago… So for you negatives out there, i hope whatever your doing is working but for me thinking like you guys and saying every good thing was bs didn’t work.. i went by the fork on that road and turned right ;) any comments? send to [email protected]

  11. Does this bother any Pastors out there??

    Who Is God? According to The Secret, You Are!
    “You are God in a physical body. You are Spirit in the fl esh. You are
    Eternal Life expressing itself as You. You are a cosmic being. You are all
    power. You are all wisdom. You are all intelligence. You are perfection.
    You are magnifi cence. You are the creator, and you are creating the
    creation of You on this planet.”
    –from The Secret, p. 164

  12. One of my wife’s friends gave her a copy of “The Secret” a couple of weeks ago. This friend said it had saved her marriage and improved her life immensely. So my wife watched it. I saw most of it as I was around the house while it was playing.

    Although I am a big proponent of improved success through a positive attitude and self-confidence. I agree with the naysayers. It isn’t just telling people that a positive, confident attitude will help you succeed. It’s essentially another religion and the methods are almost identical to prayer. I’m sure we’ve all seen the outlandish testimonials some people have for prayer. Same thing here.

    I can see why people fall for the slick presentation since most people have religious beliefs that predispose them to believe in magical answers. And they are used to ministers and priests who have ready answers rolling off their tongues.

    All of the testimonials people give for this shlock are identical to religious testimonials. “The Secret” is no secret and it doesn’t work to just ask for things.

    “The Secret” is definitely a scam and all that is going to happen is some people will make money from it and others will get hurt and more disillusioned. I don’t care who you are, you can’t tell me you actually believe imagining yourself winning the lottery will work. That is one thing they imply will happen if you just use “The Secret.” “The universe is just waiting to give you what you want.” Hogwash! And I was rolling on the floor laughing at the asshat who was pretending to drive a sports car in his living room. If imagining yourself doing something makes it happen, why aren’t most teenage boys having sex with playboy models?

    Fortunately for me, my wife is not so deluded by her religious beliefs that she was sucked into the scam. But this kind of mind candy is dangerous. People need to stop being so gullible. There are con artists out there who will take advantage of you. Unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of shmucks who will buy their snake oil.

  13. Well they DO emphasize, you don’t only need to imagine. You need to wait, and give a “Reasonable” amount of time for the thing of that magnitude to happen. You also need to maintain a positive attitude, and continue to feel good.
    Thus, if teenage boys continued to visualzie them having sex with playboy models, and they continued to feel good and gave it a considerable amount of time, they probably WOULD be fucking playboy models…


    If you want to turn something around in your life do this:

    1. Find someone who has done what you want to do, or who has achieved what you want to achieve.

    2. Pick his/her brains

    3. Apply what you have learned – consistently.

    E.g. if you want to lose some weight find someone who was once grotesquely overweight and who’s now healthy and in great shape. Do what they did.

    I really cannot understand why more people don’t do this. They would rather rub some magic crystals, invoke some mysterious spirits and put all their hopes in that.

    Dumb beyond belief.

  15. This is more than a scam. It is brainwashing on a whole new level. Promising millions in rewards for the taking, Bob Procter and about 10 of his top deciples are brainwashing desperate families, and seperating them from their remaining cash and borrowed money in a super scam beyond belief. Money is yours for the taking, according to them. Dream and achieve your goals, by becoming one of the lower level deciples, pushing the fortunes to Procter and crew, leaving the desperate to become more desperate awaiting their ritches.
    This is a criminal ponzie scheme beyond belief.

  16. There is a saying that people fear/criticize what they do not (fully understand.) And while a lot of people think they understand this subject, they really do not.

  17. You pay money to become part of a network. You pay more money if what you have produced is successful and you want more money. Meanwhile, good ol’ boy Bob rakes in the big bucks by making people believe he has something that will let them become what they could always have become themselves! Ya know, like the wizard of Oz.

    I remember working with him once years ago, when he made a sidelong comment to me, “Why would anybody want to work when you can make so much money doing what I do?”

    Such amazing B.S.

    And I am successful, as you too can be, without his expensive nonsense.

  18. I see scammers, spammers and people who take advantage of others in need. I see every day since the day my gf read about this secret. People who write this bullsh.t should be put in jail and get forced psychiatric treatment.

    • What? You don’t believe in the First Amendment? You sound like someone out of Germany in the 1920s and 30s.

  19. Oh thank God! This is the best thing I have read in ages. Maybe though it’s just that my new ‘positive vibrations’ led me to this site so that I could get real again. What about the idea in the Secret that poverty and injustice in the world, even genocide, is down to negative vibrations? I nearly fainted when I read that. It’s abusive and inhuman and only encourges us to become robotic sociopaths. How fun!

    Thanks for writing this piece. Metaphysician is hilarious. I have several legit degrees (even a Masters in philosophy (logic and mathematics) and there is NO such thing as a metaphysician. Moreover, having a degree in physics I can tell you that the latest popular self help books (like Louise Hay and the Secret) that claim to use quantum theory are so totally off base and inaccurate that it is frightening. A lone particle will not alter th wave patterns of a particle storm. More likely the lone particle will be swallowed up and either transformed or neutralised. In other words, if a sane person is confined in a hospital for the criminally insane, chances are the sane person will soon begin to exhibit signs of mental disturbance. Imagining that they are vibrating in tune with the universal mambo is only one of those signs. It’s magical thinking – psychosis 101.

    My mother once met a man who told her that cooking rice on an electric stove was violent. Go figure!

    Oh, by the way, in Vitale’s book he makes the unthinkable mistake of attributing Jesus Christ’s famous ‘your will, not mine’ statement to … PT Barnum.

    Go figure!

  20. I completely agree with everything you say, this is just another cynical exercise in taking money from the desperate and the gullible.

  21. Interesting alternate view. Whatever your belief, you will through time come to learn that you are totally wrong about “the real secret is hard work”. Took me 45 years to learn that is the bullshit! If you are just out of college I expect you are still young. Learn about compound interest and you will learn that it is not all about working hard, but working clever. As to the Law of Attraction – each to their own. There is an easy way and there is a hard way. Everyone learns eventually which is which.

  22. “The secret” ruined my life. I give you a standing ovation for your insight.

    And for all you who think you can have just by thinking it into your life…Get a life. No freebees in this life. If you want something to come into your life(money cars homes) Get off your lazy behinds and work for it. No one is going to give you that new Bentley.

    How much money did rhonda and her cohorts make off all you sad saps. 50mil?

    I guess they got theirs now it is your turn to get yours?

  23. Andrew,
    it is very refreshing to see so much fire created by a comment. I really think you misunderstand the meaning of ‘the secret’. I agree with you, the book is in many ways a big show to create a story and a way for the author to make a lot of money.

    But reading that book made me realize that I already know the secret because my life is beautiful, lucky, exeptional. But not because it is different from yours or somebody else’s but bacause of what I choose to select and concentrate on.

    All I have had from life I have taken with hard work to start with and with less effort now as if things are rolling in as a pay off for my initial hard work. I work as much as ever, up to 18 hours a day but I enjoy everything I do. I am an artist, I run 2 restaurants, I have 2 shops, I am a teacher and planning a lot more!…I live 10 lives in one.

    The important point I wanted to make is that I have never failed for one minute to think that what I wanted was going to be mine. And wanting things makes me find ways that I wouldn’t be able to think of otherwise… I just stumble in to things… they just come, one after the other to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. The secret is nothing but the power of your mind that gives you what you believe should be yours. You are the secret!!!!

    P.S. Talking of parking spaces…..I never, ever fail to find one… straight away…. funny that!…

  24. Well here in Aus its happening as well, many people are trying to jump on this bandwagon, it seems they target the unfortunate unemployed, that’s how I found out about it. But I’ve spent most of my life in religions, and came across this principle,known as Positive thinking and the Metaphysical realm,used by (E.Kenyon)(Norman Vincent Peale) (Charles Capps)(Hagen and Copeland) (Rhema) (Church of Scientology) (Yongi Cho Largest church worldwide) need I go on.
    The best thing it did for me was teach about the Character of God, and the true power of HIS LOVE, and it freed me from bondage’s of unscrupulous men who have preached religious tripe for years. The secret is Gods Love, and nothing else, you must have that, otherwise the rest is hot air, these people are trying to con other people into some MultiMM scheme to suck money from them, in an attempt to try and get rich, the principle of Gods love is not in it, this works the same as any other scam! get there first and you might become a Diamond,(Top Honcho) (ring any bells) Renaware, Amway,MaryKay they all use the same priinciples, and the smuck at the end of the line misses out.
    All they’ve done was dress it up and put a new coat on it.
    If your unemployed and vulnerable be careful, these people will do nothing for you but take your money,and their positive thinking, is that there will be a lot of suckers out there.

  25. I knoww many people who talk about all this concepts when they don’t even have any training on the porwer of the mind. so they talk but are not willing to do the walk. the law of cause and effect has been around from time of Socrates, if you don’t Do the mind trainig exercises you can succeed. and since I study A Course in Miracles I was more prepared then all this people here, they don’t think they are important enough
    to do the mind work constanly so when they failed, now they have someone else Blame.
    for their feallure, yes Dr. Vitale like many of US is always learning. If you are not willing to DO don’t bother taking any course or coaching because you a not in the right set of mind to became a MILLIONEER.

  26. “If you want something, you, and you alone must work for it. Blood, sweat, and tears.”
    You believe this, this is what you get.

    So go ahead work hard with your blood, sweat and tears. You get what you wish for…. Have you not heard the expression Be careful what you wish for?? I prefer not to bleed or shed tears. Sweat, well that does come with the territory.

    I believe… in myself, in my life, in good things happening…. why would I believe anything other than that?!?

  27. hi andrew looks like you r one very sad customer workin u ass off and getting nothing for it attitude is everything so change your attitude and you will never be bitter

  28. Sad, never take life advice from someone who’s broke and unhappy. If you ask me or any of my associates that make over half a million dollars a year or more from living life positively, and put everything into what we do then this stuff really works. If you ask someone who’s broke and unhappy they’ll give you advice to be just like them. Misery loves company. Plus, I’m sure they never tried what they had to say in this movie or the book. Too busy bashing the book to open their minds a bit and try bettering their lives.

  29. Although hard work and will power can work it’s totally BullShit that you can achieve anything big with will power! Try quitting smoking with will power. Or any other habit. Then tell bullshit about how will power works

  30. I’ve read the best secret book ever written titled The Key to the Secret by author James De Havilland. His book is an educational masterpiece and completely opposite to The Secret. De Havilland’s main theme is Work is Victory. The bottom line is get real and get doing. Read The original Key to the Secret and learn something.


  31. Here is my experience…

    I heard of this book years ago but paid no attention. I’m not much into the whole “self help” mania. I’ve never really needed it. So just by chance I came across this documentary. I watched it and just about fell off my coach. I was utterly shocked. You see, I’ve lived and done this thing my whole life ever since I can remember. I just didn’t have a name for it.

    I didn’t know why things worked out for me…they just did. My friends would ask me how I achieved so much through so many obstacles and immense adversity. My response was always “I saw what I wanted and then worked backwards”. Even when things seemed unrealistic or unattainable I just knew I would achieve it and I would. So you can imagine my astonishment at hearing these people talk about something I’d been doing naturally most of my life, it was surreal.

    I can understand the skepticism, again not a big advocate or fan of these guru people with their insights for money. I can honestly say this “thing” is no joke. I’ve experienced it over and over. Not in sense that I wished for something and poof there it was like something out of bewitched; but somehow things would always fall in line or play out to get me what I wanted or where I wanted to go.

    I’m certainly not a writer or a quantum physicist or metaphysician (I don’t know what that is either) but I’m in absolute awe of the coincidence of my experiences and what these people were saying. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across this documentary it just reaffirms what I already instinctively knew.

  32. If I extract DNA from you, place it in a container 1000 miles away, it will physically coil simultaneously with any strong emotion you have. This was proven by well documented experiments by the Army decades ago. What does this have to do with the Secret? Everything. I urge you to at least explore the scientific truth of this quantum phenomenon. Don’t reject it just because you don’t understand it.

  33. I think you cannot make lots of money doing any hard work. Look –please – at Mexicans. They surely do hard work (at least in CT) cleaning restaurant floors, baking tons of donuts, and putting shingles on roofs. They have little in return.
    I think, to make lots of money or to make some decent money, you must know how to steal. However, you must “re-align” your inner self so that you believe that you are not stealing, but working. Once you have realigned yourself, then, also you can convince others easily that you are making money by doing work, not by stealing.
    I think a good business to make some money is to open charity, and set the things so that you may write off 75-80% of the income as administrative expenses. However, to be successful in collecting money as charity you must learn how to make people be concerned about this or that issue. To learn, you may actually donate a few bucks to some charities, and receive tons of letters from them, and study those letters to pick the style and language that appeal to the general audience and makes it to give.
    No matter what you do, you also must remember that your product (a book, a prayer, a toy, a microchip, a car, etc) should be appealing to as most people as possible; however, by default, you are not included in their numbers! In other words, you must be prepared to sell something that is not appealing to you. Remember that selling is not about you, but your customers.
    Also, anything you sell should have a very affordable price. Then, you can sell lots of items/pieces, collect a dollar or two of the profit from each, but en masse you will be having a substantial amount.


  34. It is such a simple concept, yet almost impossible to grasp. It reminds me of the famous song by Frank Sinatra “Do be do be do.” The concept is true in the fact that you are what you think you are. That will not help you win the lottery in theory, but if you think you are a lucky person, you very well may purchase lottery tickets more than someone who does not, hence increasing your odds of hitting some sort of jackpot. I do subscribe to the belief that you can be extremely positive, exert a feeling people like and are attracted to and be in a position to be offered things that you may deeply want.

  35. If hard work was the secret to success, don’t you think the ones with 3 jobs would be rich? Or don’t they work hard enough in your opinion?

  36. OK you have half the info here about this stuff. Every teacher of this stuff teaches : 1) form a plan 2) believe unceasingly that you have already succeeded and finally 3) take ACTION (thing called hard work you speak of) – I don’t think it’s necessary to pump money into any of these “gurus” for coaching (unless you need that, I don’t, I listen to myself for free) any products I have bought (CDs, DVDs, Books) were all cool and very useful. How one uses the materials these guys sell is their business, not a crime, and very useful tools.

    They teach you to be generous, do what you love NOT what others say, and to believe in yourself. Wow, hang em from a tree and shoot ‘em LOL they are teaching mankind to free itself from mass-slavery that the 2% of the super-rich & politician population have achieved til now. Ask, believe, receive, YES but everyone says you must also ACT accordingly (that means work) to make things happen in the material world to get material things. To quote one guy John Assaraf he says “you must act and make things happen by your deeds or else meditating and visualizing alone will get the guys in white overalls to your house taking your furniture” LOL

    Keep poo-pooing what you don’t understand, but it doesn’t change a thing. We’ll keep getting what we think about & emotionalize all day long – all deeds start with 1 thought. Change thoughts, this changes deeds, thus changing results.

    Not very complicated, just the opposite. The problem with the author is he has half the story.

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