I’d be lieing if I said I did not enjoy making fun of The Secret two weeks ago. It got me a backlink on ABCNews.com besides attracting some really wacky comments (e.g. I avoided laser eye surgery and healed my own vision)

If you are a member of WickedFire.com you’ll know I’m not the only person who looks down on get-rich-selling-this-product-to-your-friends-after-you-buy-it-from us schemes. You know, those 10 page sales letters full of earnings screenshots that are suspiciously all from clickbank. These seedy products give the entire legitimate ebook industry a bad name. Simply offering an internet marketing informational product for sale causes your audience to question your credibility — even if you have a damn good product.

I was quite suprised today to find the company behind one of my favorite blogs, mindvalleylabs, is launching an affiliate program for this sleezy self-help “Secret” (read my old post if you are wondering why its sleezy.) I can accept an affiliate program for a product I think is rubbish. What bothered me was the video the included for recruiting affiliates.

The introduction video on the blog has a women who makes the following statements — “Its taken me 2 minutes to set up my very own Secret Science of Getting Rich website” — “There are many tools here that I haven’t tried out like.. something called the pay per click ads” — “My friend recently joined the Secret Science of Getting Rich through my website and now she gets her own website as well..”

From the mouth of MindValley’s own co-founder — “Your not going to need any knowledge of the internet, or websites, or programming, leave that to us.”

I think The Rich Jerk made it sound harder than this!

If I want to learn how to be rich, I’ll listen to Warren Buffet, not some self-proclaimed philosopy gurus. If I want to be rich, I’m going to avoid, at all costs, the people who say I just need to buy their product and promise smooth sailing. Enough said.

8 thoughts on “The Secret / The Law of Attraction Affiliate Program — MLM Pyramid Scheme?

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Secret. I am not going to try to make a believer out of someone that likes to make fun of “The Secret” but I will tell you that I am (1) a huge fan of Warren Buffet and (2) a very big believer of the Law of Attraction.

    I have been studying and practicing this law for many years and I even have a vision board in my own home. Some people laugh at these things but I can tell you that they work for me and that is good enough. Learning to improve yourself and learning to live a healthier and happier life are great goals and the law of attraction can play a big role in helping people get there.

    If you are not interested in learning about “The Secret” then I would simply not take part in it. Making money is not easy and this program is not going to create instant wealth. However, for those that want to apply themselves, they have the opportunity to earn a lot of money while also learning a lot to take their life to the next level.

    Also, this is very different from a Pyramid scheme. This is a standard two tier affiliate system just like eBay or Amazon use. What makes this one stand out is that we have provided a lot of tools to make it easier for people to get started in marketing this program.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


  2. WOW! That comment is almost exactly like the one on their blog that I just commented on. Chances are that they won’t allow it to be published, seeing as I flat out called it a pyramid scheme.

    “It’s not a pyramid, it’s a triangle”.

    All that I get from the whole “Secret” thing is that you just need to organize your life. Like, if you pay your bills on time, you won’t have to make late fees.

    I think the real secret is from the SNL skit “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”.

  3. I’ve been a follower, whatever you want to call it of Law of Attraction (read from now on as The Secret) for many years and I can see the wildfire that is spreading for this knoweldge. I have no issue whether people believe it or not, for me it just is. I am too disappointed by this Science of Getting Rich program at $1,995 when you can get a more original (less shmarmy imo) info from Rebecca Fine who really radiates more of the original intention of what the Secret was all about (how to feel good and not necessarily have to pay a stack for it) and no I don’t have an affiliate link for that so check out her website. I guess there’ll always be someone hitching a ride on someone’s new thing, just a little disappointed but then I just gravitate towards what feels good for me and leave the rest! Cheers, Lise :^)

  4. There is a lot of discussion on the MLM course offered by the teachers featured on “The Secret” I have been in financial services for over 25 years. Due diligence is a big part of financial services. The Secret is brilliant marketing and I give them a lot of credit for their marketing skills. The problem with the MLM plan is in the marketing plan. See info below. It is easy to find info by googling mlm pyramid. The marketing plan focuses on recruiting and not product sales. That is where the problem lies. Over the years I have seen many good people arrested, fined and even jailed due to ignorance, not malice.

    Legitimate multi-level-marketing plans are a way to sell real goods or services through distributors. These plans usually show that if you sign up to be a distributor, you will receive commissions – not only on your sales of the plan’s goods or services, but also on the sales of the people you recruit to join the distributors. One of the keys is that there are actually tangible products and services moving through the network, rather than just the building of the network or “building mailing lists” or “sending recipes” or “sending jokes,” etc., such as chain letters usually have you do.

    Pyramid schemes have a similar structure, but a completely different focus. They concentrate on the commissions you could earn just for recruiting new distributors, and generally ignore the marketing and selling of products or services. The Federal Trade Commission requires a minimum of 10 non-distributor customers per month to be serviced by each distributor after a certain period – without these customers, it is an illegal pyramid.


  5. OH MY! How I agree with John and Andrew! I feel extremely sad that the Secret Teachers have reduced themselves to this.

    I am involved in the Law of Attraction. I consider Law of Attraction to be more of a spiritual philosophy on how to live a happier life. Manifesting items simply serves as proof that the Law of Attraction is real.

    It does not give license for other people to take a philosophy, that been around since the beginning of time, repackage it, sell it for $2000 and then have to recruit 4 other people at $2,000 a pop so one can make their money back.

    In other words, because it is a spiritual philosophy, why doesn’t Bob Proctor just start a church, ask for $2,000 to attend the first service and then… if you want to keep coming back to Church you have to sell Proctor’s, Canfield and Beckworths message to others for $2,000 to be able to attend church on a continuous basis.

    This information is free and as everyone has notice, the internet is saturated with free information about the law of attraction.

    Interestly, The Secret Seminar’s response to the naysayers are that we are negative people who are stopping prosperity.

    Not true… We are people who believe that the Law of Attraction should remain something that enhances a person to live the life that they choose. It takes a while to understand the Law of Attraction to apply successfully in one’s life.

    So if people who are new to the concept, have the desire to pay $2,000 for a get rich quick scheme, when they can get the information for free, then that is what they are attracted to. And when they can’t make the money that they were promised, hopefully will not come away with an attitude that the Law of Attraction is simply a money making marketing ploy.

    I choose to believe that the Secret Seminar will be short lived because Law of Attraction is not about making money. Again, its about obtaining happiness and bliss.


  6. The Law of Attaction has been taught by many true spiritual mentors long before “The Secret” showed up … we live in a vibrational, holographic universe where we our outward physical life is reflected by our inner light & belief- psychology 101, no? I’ve studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, Slim Spurling among others & all share the global understanding that we create our reality … if you need to pay $2,000 to come to that conclusion, take out your checkbook, but know that you can find your success without a CD, book or DVD.
    Jai Bhagwan

  7. The law of attraction is about so much more that making money. It’s kinda sad that money is the main thing people respond to when they hear about LOA. Money is a mere tool to help society have a standard of exchange. It is only a side effect of truely unerstanding the law of attraction. If money is your primary goal when using the LOA you might as well give up.

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