After over 5 years of blogging on WebPublishingBlog, I’m shutting it down!

The goals I set for the blog, when I created it, were accomplished long ago. I’ve been running a multi-million dollar company for the past few years which requires 100% of my attention.

Before I “close the gates” I have two blog posts that absolutely need to be published. They are already written in some form and really need to see the light of day.

The first is a summery of the biggest mistakes I have watched entrepreneurs make. This stuff happens over and over again and doesn’t need to.

The second and final post will be about how I cured my “carpel tunnel” (RSI.) From when I started this blog until late last year I had severe wrist and hand pain when experiencing any type of strain, keyboard, mouse, picking up heavy shit. This was a serious handicap that cut down on my productivity. I had spent thousands of dollars on ergonomic keyboards and chairs — both keyboards and chairs that cost me over $1k a pop. I had completely given up.

These posts should be up in the next week or two. And with that I will lock down the blog. It won’t get deleted, but no more updates and comments.

One thought on “Shutting down the blog

  1. Wow. Andrew, it’s a shame to hear you say that, but I totally understand how distracting a blog can be. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts over the years and I wish you the best with your businesses!


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