I was gone Wednesday, and got caught up with my work upon returning yesterday, so I apologize for this sudden barrage of blog posts ;) I just found something you have to read, from AffiliateBlog.com. Every so often there is a thread on Sitepoint about how to deal with bad clients, how much you should do for your clients, or some variation of that. Ignore the 10 page debates and take a look at this instead.

On his blog, Matt DeAngelis shares ten things he credits for that sucess. Whether you do web design jobs for clients, or run websites which rely on recurring visitors, this list is worth reading.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the pingback — it gave me a chance to re-read the post and I found two typos :-}.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I like your blog and added it to my regular reading.


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