Remember the controversy a Canadian webmaster caused early last year? I’m not sure if it was the amateur appearance, the $10,000 a day claim, or the non-existance of a massive server infrastructure that created so many skeptics. The reactions were extreme but more than a few smart web developers figured it out.

PlentyofFish’s owner, Markus Frind, dropped me an e-mail yesterday. His free dating site is now ranked as the #5 US dating site by Hitwise. Thats quite an achievement considering 1 and 2 are True and Singlesnet, two sites recieving massive volumes of traffic thanks to huge spending sprees.

This week The Wall Street Journal featured an article on his site. “A few months back, he posted on his blog a picture of a check from Google for nearly $1 million for a two-month period. Google confirmed the check was for real.” (worth noting that was in CAD.) Markus now reports PlentyofFish is bringing in between $5-$10 million per year.

Perhaps some will doubt the new claims. For those with both feet in the online dating industry right now, these numbers might not only be reasonable but sound a little low.

Markus currently blogs “The Paradigm Shift.” If you missed it the first time, there is an interview from last year right here.

12 thoughts on “ now pulling in $5-$10 million a year; Google confirms past income

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  2. Actually ranked 3rd in the US on hitwise now, 3/4 in UK and #1 in canada and 7 or so in Australia. Most of those sites got huge bumps in traffic from Jan to march and its dropped like a rock bumping me way up.

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  5. Markus lives just minutes away from me. I mentioned him as a profile and example of “ridiculous incomes” in my report and for good reason. His Plenty of Fish site sure is an impressive success… not just for the traffic volume it receives (and therefore the ad revenue it generates for him), but because it’s still just a one man show.

    His site is also another perfect example of what I always say “he who commands the largest audience, can command the largest profits”… he developed a very simple (fairly ugly, in fact!) dating site but kept it free and made it a very valuable resource for millions of folks.

    If he were to switch to a paid-membership model right now, I don’t doubt his income would climb to around $100 million per year… but there’s no real point. He gets to distinguish his business by showing that his network has a lot of very active members and is still free (and that still produces a very healthy profit for him).

    Congratulations to Markus on his success.

    Rob Toth

  6. Good for Markus, he’s a good guy, works hard as all hell, and I hope he hits even higher revenue milestones for a free dating site. Kudos to him on it for sure, and good reporting to you Andrew, as per usual!

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  8. to get $1000 per month is very difficult. now he is getting 800k …

    work hard… work smart and money will come to us :)

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