Long term readers may recall an interview I did with Markus Frind, owner of the free dating site PlentyofFish.com, a little over a year ago. Markus created some controversy at the time because he was claiming to make $10,000 a day. The controversy is long gone as PlentyofFish is recognized as one of the largest dating sites in the US & Canada.

Yesterday Markus hinted that it may time for him to move beyond the dating site model and venture into, or beyond, social networking. Why? Because dating sites are limiting. Unlike social networking, there is a high churn rate.

Markus has been quite outspoken about his feelings of internet business. Adsense checks are something players small and large can relate very much to. By single handedly creating and running a massive internet property out of his apartment he has certainly become a role model for a lot of internet publishers. Whether you agree with his viewpoints or not, they are influencing the direction companies and entrepreneurs are headed.

Was PlentyofFish just a fluke? Should we even care until we actually see a finished product? One thing is for certain: unless he can keep this under wraps for a while there are going to be a lot of copycats.

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