What makes the human brain so hard to copy is its ability to recognize patterns. We are able to see patterns both visually and conceptually in what would otherwise appear to be unrelated bits of data. To a great degree your ability to be open and understand patterns will determine how successful you are at what you do.

Search engine optimizers pick out patterns in test sites to see what works and what doesn’t. Programmers recognize patterns in chunks of buggy code. Cinematographers know what will put the audience to sleep and what will pick them up by the seat of their pants.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word pattern as “A model or original used as an archetype.” Archetype as “An ideal example of a type; quintessence” And Quintessense, what the heck does that mean? “The pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing.”

When you see the world around you is it a world of chaos or order? Is the conflict in the Middle East an example of nonsensical mindlessness or the consequence of very real events that have happened in the past?

The way you view the world will determine who you are and what you become.

For thousands of years religions pointed to lighting as a powerful force of the gods. Lighting that hit buildings resulted in explosions of fire, death, and destruction. Benjamin Franklin said nonsense and invented the lighting rod.

When your eyes are new to the world of making money online everything appears as if it is complete chaos. All of this jaron is like a foreign language. Even as things begin to make sense the pathway between failure and your goal appears non-existant.

To the uninitiated paranormal events are viewed as a force of magic and success is seen as luck.

Pattern recognition in this industry is the ability to see what works, what doesn’t, and then apply that information to yourself and your projects. Once you have a successful site, just being lucky seems a little silly.

The unexplained is always explainable. Recognize patterns of both success and failure and you can master any element of this business or life in general. This is the quintessense of reality.

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