I just read an astoundingly good post by David Card over at JupiterResearch’s blogs who comments on two stories from the New York Times today. If you read this article News Corp’s purchase of MySpace will make even more sense.

The articles about the generation of millenials and the impact technology is having on their media consumption. Its no secret that newspapers are in serious trouble, but television is too. They aren’t reading newspapers and they aren’t watching much TV either.

It sounds a little wierd to blog about another blog post about a newspaper article (usually I just comment on the article itself) but David makes a very good conclusion at the end of his post — “Somebody has to create what everyone talks about. And facilitate the talking.

This is it guys — this is the business to be in. I fully expect website buyouts by major media companies to continue at an accelerating pace for the next 5 years, at least. And may be, just may be, a young web publisher will turn into the next Bill Gates.

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