There are more than a few publishers who have taken an aggressive stance against ad blockers. If you are one of those people, you are not going to like this story. Google is stripping out ads and republishing pages to be viewable on mobile phones.

Straight from the horse’s mouth (Google’s official blog)

If you search for [Super Monkey Ball DS release date] in an ordinary web browser on your PC, your first result is this complex, graphics-rich page. Search that same phrase on Google with your mobile phone, though, and your top result is this lightweight, phone-friendly version of the same page. That’s because now whenever you click on a Google search result through your mobile web browser, Google automatically translates the page’s layout to make it as easy as possible to read on a small screen. We also break long-winded web pages into smaller pieces and do our best to show you the portion that’s relevant to your query, first. 

Translation of “easy as possible to read on a small screen” = “we remove the ads”

Will this fly? One of the corner stones to Perfect 10’s carefully crafted lawsuit over Google Images was that they were selling thumbnail-sized photos as mobile content, thus eliminating the fair use argument.

2 thoughts on “Google stripping out ads for mobile searches

  1. This is going too far! If I want to redirect visitors to a mobile version of one of my sites I’ll do it myself and on my terms.

    If anyone else took a copy of my website, moved things around, and served it to users from their own server it would be called copyright infringement. I’m not sure why Google thinks this doesn’t apply to them.

  2. This is appalling.

    Whilst I can see that it makes sense to Google and possibly to surfers, to see a slimmed down version, why should publishers subsidise Google’s profits allowing them to manipulate our content to their purposes.

    If Google does not like non mobile friendly content then they should downgrade it in the serps, thus alowing publishers to choose if they provide a mobile version or take their chances.

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