I was just alerted to some new Google features while reading Content Matters: Google Co-op and Google Trends. I’m taking a look at Google Trends and I am very impressed.
You can check out Google Co-op here. Google Trends is available here.

As an example I mapped trends for “Adsense” and “click fraud.” Google trends maps search volume all the way back to 2004. I am a little curious about the geographic data for results; for these two terms the top listed results are Kuala Lumpur and Dehli.

On example of practical use of this data would be finding out if your niche is in decline or building volume. This kind of data could also help predict seasonal traffic patterns (good example, duck hunting.)

I am still taking a look at Google Co-op. Overall, I am quite impressed by Google Trends.

Here are a few other interesting charts I’ve found, in case you are drawing a black on keywords to look at:
real estate bubble
illegal immigration
new movies: mission impossible 3, an american haunting, united 93, silent hill, scary movie 4
luxury cars: rolls royce, bentley, bmw, mercedes, lexus

2 thoughts on “Google Trends & Google Co-op; check this out!

  1. Whilst these are useful for trends, as there is no obvious scale, the value is posibly limited.

    Search for pancakes. As you would expect there is a huge spike in February but does that represent a base of 10, or 10000000 searchse a day? As with a lot of tools, useful to a degree and more useful in conjunction with other sources of information

  2. If you are already getting search traffic from Google you can compare it with a keyword/phrase you are currently ranking for. You can also compare it with Overture and Wordtracker to get a rough estimate.

    The truth is exact numbers do not mean a whole lot, because the actual traffic you will get from the keyword/phrase will be dependent on your position, the title & text from your entry, and the title & text from the entries surrounding yours.

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