With all that is said on blogs, forums, articles, and beyond, how does an internet business person seperate fact from fiction? With so many conflicting interests resulting in exagerated testimonials and intentional disinformation, discovering new truths can be like walking through a minefield. Sure, it may not kill you, but you bet you can go off track wasting months or even a year doing the wrong thing.

There is one solution. After you read, you must test.

This is much easier said than done. Testing requires time and significant effort. Some concepts are a lot harder to test than others. However, dismissing ideas outright in your own mind, before doing real testing, is probably the one thing preventing you from increasing your income by leaps and bounds.

I believe gut feelings come from personal experience. That personal experience, in business, comes from testing new concepts and ideas. The ability to make rapid, and accurate, decisions probably isn’t going to come from books.

Testing does another thing that words often fail to convey — show power. Ever encounter an idea on paper that sounded warm and fuzzy, but resulted in you making absolutely no money at all? If you took me back even 2 years, showed me a list of business concepts, and said rank these by profits — I would probably get it completely wrong.

Finally, understand that each individual can harness ideas in their own way. Each of us possess different strengths and weaknesses. Really good advice may be useless if you have no means to put it into action. Just the same, a piece of “useless” advice, heck something that one person completely made up, can make a person with the right assets a lot of money.

At the end of the day, the BS artist may be right and the genius wrong. But you will never know if you don’t test.

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