Jon from the Super Affiliate Marketing Blog made a post today talking about link building strategies.

Don’t worry about pagerank either, because it’s fairly useless. Make sure the pages that are linking to you are ones that are visited often by the engines and are RELEVANT to your PAGES.

If you are doing this part-time you will be anxious for the quick easy links. It is well worth it to spend some time building links from high quality related websites rather than chasing every free directory or spammy link exchange page. Building a quality content site will go a long way here.

One technique I have been using recently is including a backlink request in registration confirmation e-mail sent out to my forum members. In this particular niche many of the users have their own websites.

Be active in the online community surrounding the niche you are targetting. A few contacts will go a long way. The first blog that I started, which was a little over a year ago, is effectively dead. Despite this I get targetted link and advertising requesting regularly. Because this blog is linked to in the right places and already ranking for many keywords, the link requests come to me, not the other way around.

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  2. I’m a student trying to get my own web design company off the ground and I’m finding the task of backlinking very daunting. I have spent weeks now following all of the best back linking advise and all to no avail. Is there truly any way to get free quality backlinks? Any suggestions as to how I can build up free backlinks?

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