One of my friends recently launched a forum, The Fastlane To Millions. The forum is for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and stock traders who enjoy making lots money.

For the skeptics, the owner and a good chunk of the user base are already very successful, high net worth individuals. Multi-level Marketing and other rip-off scams are not allowed.

Why a forum? First, most new money had something to do with the internet. Secondly, many investors are spread out around the world and lack the traditional networking options used in the past. (I think that the book the owner is writing is a big reason as well — and not an e-book, for those who jump to conclusions.)

The fact is, low interest rates, globalization, and rapid internet growth have created a lot of multi-millionaires in just the past five years. Reaching this point quickly just isn’t that crazy or unrealistic. In fact, to retire into a modest middle class lifestyle today, you have to be a millionaire.

Taking that one step further, if you are my age, in your twenties, you will have to be a multi-millionaire to retire modestly by 65. Modestly means no Ferraris or round the world jet set traveling. This is not a goal to procrastinate.


Most of your are already doing quite well (according to the last poll, over 60% of you own your own business that is your primary source of income.) If you are like me, you have been focusing closely on your business and may have been ignoring the investment side a bit.

Here are a few direct links to the forum’s sub sections:

> Multi-Millionaire Stories

> General Business Discussion

> Entrepreneurs & Business Building

> Residential Real Estate Investment

> Commercial Real Estate Investment

> Stock Options, Currency, & Trading

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