I just finished reading an article over at the Hollywood Reporter in which Ross Levinsohn, the president of Fox Interactive Media talked about what they are planning and doing with Myspace right now and over the next few years.

I have been paying close attention to News Corp NWS for over a year now. By far, this is the most revealing look at their internet media plans.

One of the biggest problems with Myspace is much of the traffic is very generalised, thus resulting in only modest ad earnings. To combat this News Corp is working hard at how they can sub-niche Myspace’s general untargeted traffic to high-profit “vertical miniportals.”

This article also reveals that Fox Interactive Media has a “stealth group” of engineers who look out for new ideas and companies to buy. Now those would be some priceless contacts to have.

5 thoughts on “An inside look at what News Corp is planning for Myspace

  1. The only other article I’ve seen was in a recent issue of Wired; it was more focused on the purchase than exactly what they are doing. If you can remember anything else you’ve seen I’d be interested in hearing it.

  2. “An inside look at what News Corp’s is planning for Myspace”

    at what News Corp is is planning? Great job in the writing department.

  3. haha. Andrew, you’re getting big enough that people are correcting your grammar.

    I remeber shoemoney saying that 60% of the comments on his blog were people correcting his grammar :)

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