Think Adsense is an unsustainable business model? As Lee from the Forum Fix points out, Adsense raked in about $10 million dollars a day of revenue at Google last quarter. Perhaps a publisher making $10,000 a day off of Adsense actually is pretty reasonable.

Every so often I sit back and take a look at a situation in perspective. I don’t consider myself a Google worshiper, but the fact is their system of contextual advertising is having a dramatic impact on the internet. Adsense connects buyers with sellers in an incredibly efficient way, and allows web site owners to focus on building great sites rather than focus on finding individual advertisers.

Is the “system” perfect? No; but what is?

3 thoughts on “Adsense brings in $10 million a day

  1. What’s really sad is how long it’s taking the other ISP’s to catch up on AdSense – Yahoo! is still procrastinating, and what’s more, you have to be in the US to use it. Microsoft may have something – but only eventually.

    In the meantime, Google continues to lead in a market that severely lacks in competition.

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