Here is a little “leak” thanks to Jon at WickedFire affiliate marketing forums — AdBrite for Video, with *gasp* a video of the owner explaining this upcoming service.

So whats so special? A lot.

As an Adbrite advertiser your ads are embedded in the video. Details are a little lacking on this side, but if the prices are right it could be a cash cow for marketers because…

As an Adbrite video publisher you: 1) Get your own logo watermark embedded on the videos and 2) Recieve ad revenue even when someone else publishes the video on their own site (YouTube-style video sharing.)

If that doesn’t make you excited.. well, have a nice day!

I’ve been following video closely since YouTube exploaded and after talking to Brendon Sinclair about his experiences with increasing affiliate marketing conversions through video. Stay tuned for more “leaks.”

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